Asian Culture and Psychotherapy 表紙
整理番号 f10
書名 Asian Culture and Psychotherapy: Implications for East and West
著者名 Wen-Shing Tseng  et al.
出版者 University of Hawaii Press
出版年 c2005
ページ数 x、313p..
大きさ 24cm
注記 英文 
内容 Preface / 1.Asian Culture and Psychotherapy / I. Personality and Psychopathology (2. Personality and Psychopathology / 3. Culture, Psychopathology, and Psychotherapy) / II Asian Psychology: Theoretical Exploration of Patent-Child Relations (4.The Ajase Complex and Its Implications / 5.Hindu Myth and Psychoanalytic Concepts / 6.Prohibition againts Looking / 7.The Oedipus Completes as Reflected in Asia Cultural Products ) / III.Traditional Thought, Philosophy, and Psychotherapy (8.Confucian Thought / 9.Daoists Philospphy /10.Buddhist Teaching) /IV.Unique Psychotherapeutic Approatch from Asian Culture (11.The Philosophical Backgruond of Morta Therapy / 12.Japanese Buddhist Thoought and Naikan Therapy / 13.pplication of Proverbs in Psychology of Mdditation) / V.Psychotherapeutic Experience from Asia (15.Culture-Relevant Psychotherapy in Korea /16.Culture and Psychotherapy in Korea /17.The Historical Trends of Psychoterapy in China /18.Integration and Application for Therapy)
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