Japanese Psychotherapies 表紙
整理番号 f11
書名 Japanese Psychotherapies : Silence and Body-Mind Interconnectedness in Morita, Naikan and Dohsa-hou
著者名 Chervenkova, Velizara ed.
出版者 Springer Verlag, Singapore
出版年 2019
ページ数 275p
大きさ 24cm
注記 英文 日本語書名:日本の心理療法における「間」の治癒力と心身創刊 森田療法・内観療法・動作法に着目して
定価 ¥23,490
内容 Introduction.- Part I: Japan - A Land on the Edge of the World.- Chapter 1: Travelling in Silence - an attempt for cultural-anthropological reading of the Japanese kokoro.- Chapter 2: Silence Takes Shape - the birth of the Japanese psychotherapies.- Part II: The Sun Rising at the Gate.- Chapter 3: Morita Therapy - Chopping Wood, Carrying Water. Life Happens.- Chapter 4: Naikan Therapy - Memento mori.- Chapter 5: Dohsa-hou Therapy - Where Body Meets Soul.- Part III: Into the Depths: Silence Beneficial, Silence Torturing.- Chapter 6: The Will for Rising up - A Case Study at a Summer Dohsa-hou Camp.- Chapter 7: Tortured Bodies, Tortured Souls - Fieldwork Research on Written Naikan among Drug-Addicted Bulgarians.- Chapter 8: "Then go and wash your rice bowl!" - Personal Experiences in Morita Therapy.- General Conclusion: Representative Japanese Psychotherapies in a Nutshell.- Appendix I - Morita Therapy.- Appendix II - Naikan Therapy.- Appendix III - Dohsa-hou Therapy.
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